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Portable Office Cabin

One of the greatest advantages of using a portable cabin is the independence it can offer in the terms of design, color, and shapes. Portable cabins are available in various shapes and sizes and they can be manipulated as per the need of the user.

Security Cabin

The main concern for all business locations and sites is security. A security guard basically sits in a cabin that is itself a prefabricated structure. Prefabricated Security Cabins are made to defend the site assets.

Portable Toilet & Bathroom

You intend any large scale gathering of people of the sort of trade fairs, exhibitions, sports events, weddings, conferences etc. The very first need besides logistics which can come into your mind could be that the access to toilet.

Prefabricated Farmhouse

You have a farm and making solid structure is not possible due to farming land than our portable farm house is better option for you to build with no hassel. You can lift and shift this anywhere convenient place.

Accommodation Cabin

As stated earlier, the idea of having a home away from home in the locales which takes care of all your basic needs, including sanitation and hygiene. There are times when one is forced to move out of the confines of our homes.

Shipping Container

Ascent Porta Solutions engage in supplying a large amount of used Shipping Container, Used marine container in Mumbai India. The offered products is build using high-grade material. sourced from certified vendors in the industry.

Portable Shops

Portable shops are fabricated using high quality of material for exterior as well as interior. Main shutter internal partition, window, electric fittings and flooring. These shops are properly insulated to avoid sun light heat.

Portable Pantry Cabin

Portable kitchen is simply the best and most versatile idea. Whether it’s a grill or simple rolling kitchen, serving cart you can have that all in the backyard of your food truck and then you are up and running just cook and sell food.  

Double Storage Building

Your choice of Portable Buildings also known as many names Such as Prefabricated Buildings, Modular Buildings, Temporary Buildings, Porta Buildings, Relocatable Buildings. These Buildings are inexpensive and affordable.

Welcome to Ascent Porta Solutions

Ascent Porta Solutions is portable cabin manufacturer in India that offers wide range of portable structures depending on the user requirements. All types of prefabricated structures including porta cabins, portable storage, bunk house, Portable Office, Used marine container etc. is factory-made by the manufacturer. At Ascent Porta Solutions, the highest level of customization is achieved at very affordable price.