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Portable Cabin

Portable cabin manufacturer in Mumbai India

The portable cabin is a rectangular shaped structure which acts as a cover or a section separator in offices.  The rectangular shape is more of a convention rather than any special advantage attached with it. The cabin is again roughly divided into permanent type or portable or movable type. Each one of the two has their own advantage and benefits. Same thing happens in portable cabin.

Portable ones offer more independence in terms of affordability, quality, reusability and personalisation. The permanent one is more of an as per need basis and one need to use the permanent type to serve a specific purpose like and operation.
Constructing a cement brick office is a lengthy task and took more money and time, where portable office cabin is readily available and can shift to another place when required. It saves time as well as money of end user. This cabin is also known as porta cabin.

What is porta cabin?

One of the greatest advantages of using a Porta cabin is the independence it can offer in the terms of design, color, and shapes. Portable cabins are available in various shapes and sizes and they can be manipulated as per the requirement of the user. A portable cabin can be used for a single user as well as for two to five people per cabin.
The main purpose for a portable cabin it to provide shelter and protection from weather and guard the valuable against any theft or other vulnerabilities. A bid size cabin can also be used as a storage place in places where there is a scarcity for a proper storage medium. Many construction companies using these porta cabins for their staff and worker at the site. Ascent Porta Solutionsis a Portable Cabin Manufacturer in Mumbai with pan-India delivery.

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Features of Portable Cabin
The portable cabin is mainly used in industrial and field work on projects. But due to its benefits, this can also be used for residential purposes as well.  The portable cabin can be used as an extension to the house. This can act as a sitting area for the children and the elders who find it hard move much apart from their home. Again, a portable cabin does not cost as a permanent one hence for low-income groups or people who need to move due to their profession, the portable cabin can be extremely handy and convenient.
The advantages of a portable cabins are as follows.
1.    Affordability
2.    Movable
3.    Personalisation
4.    Durability
5.    Multipurpose
6.    Easy availability
7.    User friendly

Ask Yourself before buying portable cabin

How many square feet you required?
What kind of design will fit with the place?
Which type of design do we want: single-story, 1-1/2 story
Will your new home have a basement? Or will it be built on piers or a slab?
How many bedrooms do you want?
How many bathrooms?
pantry or kitchen room?
How much storage space will we need for store room?

Methods for using a portable cabins

The first thing one need to determine is the application of the cabin. The location of the field where this cabin must be placed must also be noted. One also need to determine the dimension of the cabin by calculating the surface and floor area required. Once the specification is determined then the cabin can be ordered or bought from a shop. The instruction is very easy to follow and a person with average language skills can understand the pictorial instruction given by the portable cabins manufacturer.

Prominent features of Portable Office Cabins at Ascent Porta Solutions are:

1) Zero Maintenance – Once Installed One can avail the benefit of having almost zero maintenance except few here and there.

2) Long time durability– It is virtually unbreakable. The materials used are solid and have a very long shelf life. It has the capability to stand against the bad weather and also it is corrosion resistant. Subsequently, this helps in its long time durability.

3) Extremely Mobile– It is durable and simply movable with required space and dedicated interiors. Because of its mobility, it is easy to hook it on anywhere.

4) Materials Used – Makeshift Lifestyle uses different types of materials for manufacturing of portable cabins are MS, GI and CRC. One can choose out of the above mentioned 3 option based upon your budget.

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