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Accommodation Cabin

A convenient home on the go

Call it the abode for American cowboys, or a modern-day movable outhouse catering to all your shelter requirements on the go – accommodation cabin can never go out of demand. Be it any adventurous trip, mass gathering, a wild safari, or a large-scale public event away from the urban lifestyle – This is an excellent alternative for accommodation and shelter in the places of no retreat. It’s more or less bringing a prefabricated cabin in hostile environment, consisting of many facilities. Also known by names such as mountain hut, guest ranch; you can find lot of accommodation cabin manufacturers in Mumbai and India, catering to the custom requirements of the customers.

Why opt for a Accommodation Cabin?
As stated earlier, the idea of having a home away from home in the locales which takes care of all your basic needs, including sanitation and hygiene. There are times when one is forced to move out of the confines of our homes. In those where places where camping is the only other option. A bunk house is an organized camp structure, a portable building laced with all modern amenities.


  • Light Weight and easy to move among terrains
  • High Durability. Can withstand tons of loads.
  • No drainage and leakage troubles.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • High-quality aeration arrangement.
  • Effective Drainage system
  • Positioned insulation methods
  • Sheltered electrical wiring
  • Aesthetically designed
Furnishing and equipage:

  • Water coolers, storage tank, dispensers, pumping systems
  • Sewage and drainage handling system
  • Hot and cold water facilities
  • Standard flooring (Custom)
  • Air conditioning system (Custom)
  • Bed, chair and tables (Custom)
  • Towel holders, soap dispensers.
  • Anything can be added according to user requirements.
Type of accommodation cabins available:

  1. Metal Accommodation Cabins

Most of the portable accommodation cabins are made of metal. They can be transported easily through wheels. Steel portable storage units are large sized trucks that are converted into a lodging structure. The most widely used type of bunk houses are made up of steel, as the metal can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

  1. Wooden Portable Accommodation Cabins

The earliest of the bunk houses used to be made of wood across the globe. We still have century-old houses intact, and they are made of wood. The atmosphere in the metal portacabins can rise to extremes with changes in external surroundings, but wooden houses more or less have pleasant temperature throughout. Best examples are houseboats, which can also be classified as a type of portable wood buildings.


  1. Mixed Portable Units (Plastic, Polyvinyl etc.)

These types of porta houses have combination of wooden and metal elements, along with other raw materials. Many prefer modular structures that are light-weight and thus mixed structures can go all the way. These types of portable structures look quite beautiful too.


  1. Custom-made porta cabins dependent on requirements.

As a matter of course, this type is entirely based on the customer requirement, a well-tailored approach for manufacturing a structure that can provide all the needs of the user. The raw materials can also be pre-decided be it ceramic, plastic, metal, or wood. Basically, the materials that are used in the bunkhouses are GI, CRC or MS.

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