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Portable Homes & Buildings

What are Portable Homes?

In day today life man needs are increasing day by day and basic necessity of Shelter and Storage increasing instantaneously.The basic needs of shelter for temporary purpose or places where there are no physical amenities (Infrastructure) to stay. Such asForests area, Deserts area,Uncontrollable Environment area and in Non-Suitable climate area we have the need of Portable Home.The Prefabricated Houses are the best way to fulfill this necessity. We can also use this in our home’s backyard in Gardens or as Portable Storage Unit. Portable Homes are also known by different names in different places such as Prefab Modular Homes, Demountable Homes, Amish portable houses or Movable Houses etc. These Affordable houses are Constructsuch that it can Control Climate.Means it can’t Effect with outdoor climate because the purpose of this houses is to protect from high temperature or with low temperature as preferable and Compatible in all climates andcontains all basic necessity such as Built-in Bathrooms, Toilets, canteen and all types of Customization as per Customer Requirements.

What are Portable Buildings?

If we have plenty of people with us to work as a team or any type of organization or our work is fully depending on Migration Such as Military Camping or for Migrant people like Amish Mennonite peoples then we have the big issue of Shelter for all people, so resolvethis problem by an excellent choice of Portable Buildings also known as many names Such as Prefabricated Buildings, Modular Buildings, Temporary Buildings, Transportable Buildings, Demountable Buildings, Relocatable Buildings, etc. These Buildings are low expensive and affordable as compare to Conventional buildings and can be utilize as many ways Because it has many utilitieshence it is also known as Utility Portable Buildings.

Why should youbuy these products from Aster Prefab?

Aster Prefab the largest Manufacturers and Sellers of portable homes and buildings as well as we have wide variations in prefab portable buildings andmodular houses. We have Quality Assurance team for verifying and validating the quality of Product andMaterial used. Civil Engineers for designing the Movable Buildings and Homes plan according to Customization as per Requirement of Customers.Group of Experienced andExperts of Carpenters, Electrician, Painter, Interior and Exterior Decoratorsas in affordable Prices with Transportation facilities.Mobile buildings are typically construct in our workshop construction work can take minimum ten days or sometime it may take maximum forty to forty-five days also. We divide work into modules completed modules are transported to the destination fitted by the crane as per customer requirements.

Points which makes us different from others:

  • Quality Assurance:We have team of qualified experts only for testing of products in different criteria.
  • Material Quality: We use high quality materials. Materials we used are Wood-frame floors, Metals, Steel, Paints, etc.
  • Transportation: We have vehicles like Crane, Truck so transportation setup is easy affordable for customers.
  • Warranty: We make the quality with Strength of portable cabins hence We give warranty on our portable accommodations.

Types of Portable Buildings:

  • Single story units:In British’s language single story means only ground floor. We give all features and facilities to our customers in their single story’s according to thecustomization and requirement’s.
  • Two story units:Two story contains ground floor + one floor with all facilities and amenities according to costumer’s customization and requirements.

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Features and Facilities:

  • Climate resistance.
  • Movable and easy to transport anywhere.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Water storage tank.
  • Water geyser for hot and cold water.
  • Modern and well-favored interior design.
  • Modern and well-favored electrical wiring.
  • Best quality products as per ISO 9001.
  • Fire Protection (Optional).
  • Air condition (Optional).
  • Civil Look (Optional)


We respect our Customers as they need any type of Customization as lower level to higher level in their product we try to do our best. These are some basic Customizations mention below:

  • Customization fully based on customer’s requirements as they need Modular houses, Clinic, Hospital,Classrooms,Mobileoffice building, Gym, Call Center, Club House, Work Station, Storage Facility, Etc. in their portable buildings.
  • Floor and Height of floor is adjusted according to customer’s demand.
  • Availability of air condition (AC) is on demand.
  • Quantity andsize of bathrooms toilet is on demand.
  • Water storage Tank as per requirement.
  • Centralize water Geyser or Separate Geyser in all Bathrooms.
  • All types of Customization in any amenities and Features according to Consumers need and Requirements.

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