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Portable Toilet

At any time you intend any large scale gathering of people of the sort of trade fairs, exhibitions, sports events, weddings, conferences and mid-level or large real-estate structures. the very first need besides logistics which can come into your mind could be that the access to toilet. Toilets and baths to appropriate hygiene and sanitation is the simple requisite of a person life. Places at which there’s not any suitable infrastructure for cleanliness and sanitation. Portable toilet and baths are the perfect solution to accommodate this need. ASP is Portable toilet manufacturer in Mumbai with PAN India delivery.

Portable toilets are knows by various names such as Mobile Toilets, Modular Toilets, Porta Potty or Honey Bucket (American). It is a commode or simple portable enclosure or tiny bowl filled with disinfectant instead of water. in some bases based on customers need it is custom made and filled with water instead of disinfectant. These are usually made up of lightweight molded plastic or ceramic or stainless steel.

Why you should buy portable toilets from Ascent Porta Solutions?

Ascent Porta Solutions is portable toilet manufacturer & wide variety of portable cabins having their offices in Mumbai and Thane. We have a very skilled and experienced staff and also use quality raw materials so on guarantee customer satisfaction. We have a wide range of varieties of prefabricated or prefab mobile toilets. Made by using MS or GI or CRC materials as per the requirements and the demand of the buyer. Apart from standard type, we also manufacture completely customized modular toilets which is completely based on the buyer’s needs and budget.


Important Note by Manufacturer:

Toilet Seat or Chair – Water closet can in Indian Style (IWC) also known as Squatting Water Closet or European Style (EWC).

Cleaning Method – Based upon customers need toilet can be customize into eco- friendly toilets also known as bio-toilets or into chemical toilets (disinfectant is used in place of water)

Materials Used – Different types of materials that Ascent Porta Solutions uses for manufacturing of prefabricated portable toilets are MS, GI and CRC. You can choose out of the above mentioned 3 options based upon your budget.

Showers or Bathrooms – in a standard portable restroom there are space or blocks or cubicles for taking shower or bath. But if you do not have the requirement for the having a space for bathroom then you can replace it with toilet seat or with urinals. Price of the portable toilets may differ in comparison to the standard mobile toilets.

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Types of Prefabricated Portable Toilets

Portable Luxury Toilet — it’s used for preserving high company standards. Aside from conventional amenities (amenities) it also boast of various high finish customization. Including automatic vacuum irrigation system along with other things predicated upon your request. Additionally, it has a shower facility having a capacity to save more water. They can be found in the shape of combined many components.

Mobile Office Toilets – It is almost like the Luxury portable toilets, but it might or might not have exactly the identical sort of customization based upon the requirements. It’s typically constructed sturdy as the amount of folks using it every day are more. It generally used in mid-level company who face lack of space issues or infrastructure to get immediate cleanliness.

Portable Labour Toilets — It’s low budget sanitation structure made in the building sites in which there are much variety of non wage earners. Normally they’re small in dimensions and absorbs space. It doesn’t have a lot of customization more to it. It’s a conventional Indian fashion arrangement for sanitation. It’s offered in the shape of single unit and in addition to combined multiple apparatus.

Porta Toilet Cabin — it’s just one most initial forms that individuals began to use as a result of debut in the building business and mandatory need of cleanliness and sanitation. It’s only available as another light weight single bathroom unit.




  • Based on your need Indian style or European style commode can be fitted
  • Commodes and Urinals can be of either Plastic or Ceramic or Stainless Steel
  • Based on the needs there are various models of toilets available single unit, multiple single units and combined multiple units
  • Apart from standard size (length, width, height) we have various other sizes that differs from buyer to buyer.

  • Wash basins, soap dispensers, tissue holder and towel holder
  • Fresh water storage tank, waste water holding tanks, hot and cold water tap connection, geyser, and water pumps sewage pumps
  • Flooring will be Aluminium Chequered place but can be changed on customer’s requirement
  • Various other facilities can be included based on your suggestions or requirements.

Silent Features of Portabel Toilet

  • Meticulously Designed,
  • Modern look and Light Weight
  • Convenient and durable
  • Protection from corrosion
  • Lift and shift design
  • Non leaking
  • Effective ventilation
  • Automatic urinal flushing system
  • Quality insulation systems
  • Smooth finishing
  • Superior quality as per ISO 9001.
  • Easy Portability
  • Flexibility in expansion
  • Fire Protection (Optional)
  • Security systems and Alarms

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