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Prefabricated Structure

Do you cancel your planned meetup or meeting with theclient due to no physical office? Or Want to conduct public or private gathering in ashort amount of time at remote locations prefabricated structures is best way to do this. If it’s happened to you, then we have a solution for your problem.

Instead of building an entire structure at your desired location in a couple of weeks or months we can use aPrefabricated Structures.

But the Question is “What is the Prefab structures and Why is different from Conventional type structures?”

What is a Prefabricated Structure?

When you assemble or make components of structure rather than an actual site and move complete assemblies or sub-assemblies to the construction site where we want to install or create the structure is called Prefabrication.

Prefabrication is different than our conventional methods where we transport some necessary materials to the actualplace, and all assemblies carried out.

Let’s take building example, In thetraditionalway, we move bricks, timber, cement, sand, steel,etc. required material tools to our desired location and construct our building from these materials.

But, In Prefabrication process, we are assemble everything in the factory and move this conventionalstructure to our site and assembled it according to your requirements.

Why you Choose Prefab Structures?

Prefab Structure is now used to save your precious time and money.

Think, If you want to build a new home in a remote location then finding workers and choosing materials requires a lot of time but portable building gets your job done in minutes.

Ready-made structures give you unlimited opportunity to save your land or place. If you think theplace is not suitable for our structure like portable security cabin or portablebuilding, then you shift it your desired place in no matter of time.

Types of Ready-made Structure

There are many types of structure available which are available in Prefab category but In MakeShiftLifeStyle, we are providing some particular prefab products. Check it below,

  • Portable Cabin: If you are working at theremote place, away from home and want all luxuries which are present your home but due to shortage of time you are unable to build it then portacabin is your only one choice. This is also known as container home. The prefabricated home provides you all types of luxury. In MakeShiftLifeStyle, we are providing a container modular home. In modular home if you don’t want a kitchen but want a bathroom with a shower then use our modular solutions. Select only bathroom option and avoid the portable kitchen.
  • Portable Office:

    Sometimes you have all resources but don’t have a sufficient time to build your office, in this scenario you must use our prefabricated office solutions. The portable office contains all facilities which are required to run a proper office.

  • Prefab Toll Booth:At every toll Naka you found a toll collecting booth and most time you found they were made with prefab methods. We provide a robust and comfortable tollbooth. We MakeShiftStyle knows every toll Naka requires different size or type of toll booth that’s why we provide customized toll booth.
  • Portable Toilets:Toilets are basic requirements of every humanbeing. In every large gathering or events,organizersrequire huge quantity of toilets. We are providing portable toilets in various categories. We provide a Portable Luxury Toilets, Mobile Office Toilets, Portable Labour Toilets and Porta Potty or Porta-toilet
  • Security Cabin:Now a day, themost required feature is security for buildings. But some buildings are not included security guard cabin. We ensure your safety by providing prefabricated security cabins for your buildings or offices.
  • Portable Buildings:Want to build abuilding for your school, offices or homes? We provide fully customized prefabricated We offer it as a module so if you want a four floor then make it four floors.
  • Portable Resorts: Sometimes you wish to go any resorts to relaxing your mind but you can’t due to lack of time. Don’t Worry. We provide your portable resorts at your door steps.
  • Portable Kitchen:Opening hotels or customizing your home kitchen with everyone mood is not an easy. That’s whywe are providing a modular kitchen for your great tastes.
  • Bunk House: Do you have afantasy to live like a cowboy? We are providing modern bunkhouses which have all amenities which was available in old bun house with modern taste.
  • Log Cabin:We provide you log cabins at your farm with ancient feeling with modern facilities.

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Why Choose us

This isthemain question which is apparentlystuck in your mind, why you choose Ascent Porta Solutions Prefabricated products?

  • We customized every prefab product until you satisfied.
  • MakeShiftLifeStyle manufacture everything in portable segments in the own
  • Deliver your products before the given timeline.
  • Our prices are affordable for everyone.
  • We use best materials in our products.

Places Where you use Prefab Structures

You can use our prefabricated structures as Portable Homes, Portable Offices, Prefab Cabins, Prefab Garages, Prefabricated Building, Portable Security Cabin, Portable Toilets, Portable Resorts and Portable Kitchens.

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